Refund , Returns & exchange Policy

     As you know, the goal of Omali Bazaar is to deliver quality products safely to your doorsteps, as well as customer satisfaction is an important part of our business. Ensures that the products you receive are exactly what you want them to be. If for some reason you do not like our product, you can return it to another product or get your money back. In the interest of the customer and the store, the following terms and conditions are applicable for obtaining a refund, as follows:

1. If you accidentally find another product in place of the one you ordered, you will be given a product replacement, and all courier costs will be borne by Omali Bazaar at the time of the change.

2. There may be a slight difference in color or design between the image and the original product, in which case the product cut will only change and there will be no refund.

3. If your product is damaged, the product will be changed after the exchange of photos, in which case the customer change will be exempt from the courier costs.

4۔ If for any reason the customer does not receive the product by courier or in case of change of mind if the product is returned then the courier costs will be borne by the customer and these charges will have to be paid in the next purchase.

5. In the event of a refund, the balance will not be paid in cash but will be given a voucher code for the amount you want which you can use for future purchases.

6. The application form must be completed within 15 days of the order for product return or replacement. No claim will be accepted after 15 days.

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